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A man and his tool box have broken loose and are gaining momentum!!

Why not make David Feherty @Fehertwit the Captain? He's the only American that has inside knowledge on how to make the Europeans lose

@JulieKDolan: I watched #HowToGetAwayWithMurder What'd you think? I thought Much better than how to get away with involuntary manslaughter


Lee Cruse has become the gold standard for comedy in the Bluegrass and beyond. He's been making Kentuckians laugh through radio, as well as Lexington's #1 morning television program for over a decade. "I really do have the best job on the planet. I love my Kentucky home, so to have the opportunity to visit these fascinating places and the great people is a privilege. It's like I'm the community dog; people seem happy to see me and they're always giving me snacks."

Lee took his talents to the stage in 1995 to become a stand-up comic. His self deprecating style and sarcasm is biting without any vulgarity. You can listen to Lee on the radio again, too. Beginning in May, 2013, he's back as the host of "LIVE with Lee" on News Talk 590 WVLK.