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Jon Stewart many years ago stood up for me with some Comedy Central bureaucrats to allow me to perform on his stage

Also thank you to all of our wonderful current and former cohosts@mjp18 @Sromines @ChipCosby @PerrinJohnson

This was the purpose of the show! Always was, and will be again. God Bless you guys for the love you have shown


"Lee's comedy is the kind I appriciate, biting sarcasm and a point of view. These days it is a breath of air to watch someone do stand up with some thought behind it. In an age of faceshaking prop acts, it's nice to know there are still guys like Lee out there."
Billy Gardell
Actor / Comic
CBS' Mike and Molly

"In a day and time when many (if not most) comedians rely on language and blue humor to get a laugh, it was refreshing to see a REAL comedian ..."
Bill Young
Director of EMS Education
Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services

"Lee Cruse is a unique talent whose contributions to WLEX-TV have been instrumental in growing our news’ audience."
Tim Gilbert
President / General Manager

"Lee Cruse was a pleasure to work with. Funny and always professional. TGW has done humorous commercial spots for the last 10 years. The spots with Lee are among the best we have ever done. The customer response has been overwhelming. We can't wait to work with him again."
Mark Marney

"We have had speakers for the past 20 years at an event with approximately 700 people in attendance. The response has been overwhelming from the attendees stating that Lee was the best entertainer we’ve ever had."
Clay Parker Davis
Citizens National Bank

"Lee has a sense of humor that everyone can appreciate; his clever wit offers entertainment you don’t want to miss."
Nathan Crosley
Jim Beam